How I Become Christian religion: I am John Kader who comes from a Muslim background family. In the below I have stated my testimony and how I have received Jesus Christ and his gospel in my life.

Introduce about my family: I was born in a fundamental Muslim family in a village of Shyamnagar, shatkhira district in Bangladesh. We are five brothers, and I am the second one son of my parents. My father was an Imam and now he is the leader of Tablick Jamat group who is leading and teaching the Muslim people for acquiring to Allah. All of my family members and other four brothers are at the same back grounded. Every day five times they are going to mosque for praying to Allah. All of my others relatives’ are striving to lead their life Muhammad calling.

About my life: My father had an ambition about my life that he will make me a mullah that’s why he admitted and sent me to study Islamic theological school and college. I have been finished school & college level from Islamic institution.

I was a good footballer. So for 2003 I went to Nepal for playing football. Then I met with some Nigerian footballer and they shared with me about the gospel of Jesus Christ and savior. But heartily I did not believe that Jesus can save our and my life? Then I met Pastor Vijay Mogar in Nepal and he gave me one bible for study. One night I slept in Nepal, inside the Baptist church at night, 01.am. I dreamt a dream.

One white man he comes to me and playing a drum and says “Generation is going on John kader no one listens in to me”. Somebody had only listens to drum sound, but not perceive sound what he saying to me.

Then after my dream I felt very surprised and I got clear vision that night from Jesus Christ. From that time I assure to him saying “O my delightful priest really I am great full to you. My dear savior now I clearly understood about you, you are my almighty God. From today I submit myself to your hand. For all nations sin you crucified yourself. How suffering you have done in your life? How are your compassions for human being? For your sacrifice yes I will do your work and end of my life I will preach your holy gospel over the nations. I offer myself to your hand. Now you are my parents and guider, what you will say me I will do everything for you.”

Then I went to pastor after some days study Holy book Bible then I received baptize. After that I started sharing gospel to unbeliever people who don’t know about Jesus Christ. I stayed in Nepal almost 8 years and I preach gospel to nonbeliever people. I thought about my country that Bangladesh is Muslim country Billion and million people are living there. Who don’t know about Jesus Christ, his death and resurrection. Who is living darkness? For that reason why I am staying here? No, I will not stay here; I will go back my country and will share Gospel to unbeliever. I want to share Jesus Christ witness with other people.

After my return: After my returning at my home my parents listen to me that know I receive Christianity. I change my Muslim religion and receive Christian religion. Consequently my parents forced me to give up Christianity and to regain Islam. Several days he kept me without food and no one communicate with me. When he saw that I am determined about my decision and he failed to change me then he bit and throws out me from our home.

I come out from my home I tried to share gospel with my third number younger brother. At the same he is believer with me. Hence pray for my parents and my family members till who is living darkness. My mission and vision for Lord Jesus work. Also I would like to share and make my mission work with Muslim people. Please pray for me. Thanks to all of you. So for I started my journey to making disciple for Jesus Christ. Halleluiah.